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SCAMPER Brainstorm - 550 Words

SCAMPER Brainstorm (Essay Sample) Content: Name Instructor Course Date Ensuring Environmental Stability What can be substituted to ensure environmental stability? The first government energy to participate in programs, such as the decisions based on energy transportation funding was the California Energy Commission. Members of California policy are on a mission to ensure that the next generation adopts the practices of alternative vehicle manufacturing, and fuel production to reduce destructive practices that result in environmental and social degradation. The projects funded by Energy Commission reduce the life cycle of CGH emissions, enable public and market acceptance for the sustainable production of renewable and alternate fuels, and protects all the natural resources of environment. What can be combined to multiply the possible uses of environmental sustainability? Agroforestry and plantation are practices that ensure the continuous supply of oxygen into the atmosphere, which in turn has the magical tec hnique of reducing the greenhouse gas emission. However, the seeds used to plant trees and other plantations are progressively becoming scarce, raising an alarm of what will become of our environment in future. As a result, botanists have come up with a new invention to help sustain the home of mankind. They have adopted micropopagation, which involves the practice of multiplying the material of stock plant to produce increased progeny plants. Micropopagation comes handy when multiplying novel plants, especially the bred conventional plant or the breeding adopted in genetically modified method. Through the invention of micropopagation, many clone plants are produced. An opportunity is created to produce plants that are free from diseases and plants, which generate seeds in uneconomical amounts are multiplied, hence advocating for environmental sustainability. What ideas can be incorporated to ensure environmental sustainability? One vital idea of protecting the environment is by e ducating and engaging our community in sensitive environmental practices. This contributes to meaningful and lasting change with positive benefits to both the individual and the community at large. Some of the ideas to implement for environmental conservation include promoting appreciation and respect for our natural environment; educate children on the importance of natural environment and the interdependence between land, people, plants, and animals; support and develop positive values and attitudes concerning the sustainable practices and enabling educators and the general staff to at least monthly participate in practices that will lead to environmental sustainability, such as agroforestry in their line of duty. What aspects can be modified on environmental sustainability? Environmental change contributes to the effects of genetically engineered planting (GE). Historically, agriculture has transformed the natural grasslands, native forests, and wetlands to lesser diverse agro ec osystems for the production of food, shelter, fiber, and feed. Apart from intensity of cultivation, environmental impacts also rely on the applied inputs, such as tillage, inputs management, water, crop residue, pesticides, and fertilizer. It is therefore obvious that crop monoculture, pesticides, and tillage have advanced impact on biodiversity, soil, and water. Environmentalists overstate their case Some environmental journalists argue that the natural environment is not subjected to any threat, although a number of environmentalists disapprove the notion. Environmental journalists argue that the greatest threat facing environment is the ideological environmentalism, which results in holistic technological progress and economic growth. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to our activities, industrialization, population growth, and urbanization. Effective uses of environmental sustainability By sustaining the environment, we benefit in several ways. In the first place, we are sustained by the environment. Human beings are apex species who depend on environment straight from the ground to all the way up. Through environmental sustainability, our soils maintain fertility and we benefit clothing, food, and medicine from plants. Organizations should separate environmental challenges Organizations are subjected t...

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Questions On The Ethical Tension - 1415 Words

Foreward- Outlining the Ethical Tension In 2008, Donna went into the ER with abdominal pain, where she further required a laparotomy. She went to sleep while the anaesthesiologist was there and woke up thinking the surgery was complete. She then heard the surgeon say â€Å"scalpel please† and she knew it was not over. She began to panic and heard the people in the room notice her heart rate going up. She also heard the surgeon order that the anaesthesiologist come back. When he did, he pushed more medication through the IV but nothing happened. She remained awake through the entire procedure. Donna describes the cutting and shifting of organs she felt during the procedure as painful. She describes herself as traumatized and saying her mental†¦show more content†¦For situations of anesthesia awareness, distress and violation are common ethical scenarios. Should the nurse find themselves in a scenario involving anesthesia awareness, please follow the steps outlined in this guideline as follows; Provide comfort and support Information gathering Inform physician and team members involved Check institution policies Confirm experience with patient and family and document Referral to appropriate support programs such as counseling Evaluate institution policy (make suggestions) Section 1: Provide Comfort and Support Evidence based literature- The CNA Code of Ethics (2008) states that nurses need to maintain patient dignity by providing comfort and listening to the client and support a climate of trust. If you don’t adhere to all of the principles in the Code of Ethics, there is the potential to violate the first step of patient comfort and support for a client who has experienced anesthesia awareness. The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO, 2009) also state that for the ethical values of the client to be upheld, the nurse must advocate for client well-being, respect for life and truthfulness. Reflection- The nursing fundamental of therapeutic communication relies on the nurse to build rapport and support the client when they are explaining their experiences and realities. It is the duty of the nurse to placeShow MoreRelatedThe Case of the Wayward Water: Drinking Water Getting Tainted with Fracking Fluid1445 Words   |  6 Pageslocal and national communities. These requests for analysis can provide interesting ethical questions for those asked to prepare the reports. The dilemma you are about to answer will explore some of those ethical questions. My name is Rian Brown, and as you work through this simulation, Ill be your Ethics Coach. In addition, you can find hints by clicking the book icon at the top of each page. In this ethical dilemma we are going to explore the similarities and differences between personal valuesRead MoreEthics Away From Home By Thomas Donaldson1507 Words   |  7 Pages In Thomas Donaldson’s Values in Tension: Ethics Away from Home he examines whether or not companies should alter their own moral standards and those of their home country when doing business in foreign countries whose own ethical standards contradict the company’s and those of the company’s home country. He also raises the question of whether or not it is an acceptable practice for a company to invest in a country where the people’s human and political rights are being violated. Early in his essayRead MoreThe War On Drugs And Drugs808 Words   |  4 Pagessometimes called noble-cause corruption. Rather than a purely egoistic form of corruption, noble cause corruption occurs when police officers violate ethical and legal obligations in the interest of achieving the â€Å"good† ends of police work. Getting the â€Å"bad guys† and protecting communities and potential victims are seen as more important than ethical and procedural restrictions on police conduct. Planting evidence at a crime scene, for instance, may result in the apprehension and conviction of a notoriousRead MoreEthics Away From Home, By Donaldson s Article, Values, And Direction885 Words   |  4 Pagesarticles that stand out to me, Donaldson’s article â€Å"Values in Tension: Ethics Away from Home† for its value and direction and Chaudhry and Stumpf’s article â€Å"Country Matters: Executives Weigh in on the Causes and Counter Measures of Counterfeit Trad e† for its irrelevance and dated solutions. From my perspective Donaldson’s article â€Å"Values in Tension: Ethics Away from Home† is a fantastic and succinct foundation and guide on how to frame ethical issues that challenge organizations worldwide. The articleRead MoreEngineering : Engineering And Ethics917 Words   |  4 Pagesthoughtfulness and ethical fortitude. Tension: Tension between competing interest which are not always aligned as per engineer’s interest. This tension can be classified into three major components; Corporate interest which mean the obligation to the company as most of them are profit driven companies. Personal Interest: Engineers always want to grow in a competitive world. This can be regarding their salary and seeking out promotions. Public Interest: Engineer should have an ethical idea about howRead MoreOrgan Donation Is An Act1161 Words   |  5 Pagescharacter to be deserving of an extension of life. There are organizations in place that determine at what level of sickness a person can be offered a necessary organ and what specific criteria this person has to meet. It is this act that creates ethical concerns. Seven Pounds is the story of one man’s determination to give back the opportunity of a full life to seven strangers by donating all he felt he had left to offer in the form of his time, home, and even bodily organs. After a car accidentRead MoreEthical Leadership Debate1654 Words   |  7 PagesStatement Seminar Four: Ethical Leadership Debate Guiding Reflective Question | Student Reflection | What was the definition of ‘ethical leadership’ adopted by the participants in the debate?What is the role of the directors as envisaged by Codes of Corporate Governance and wider society?Are these expectations consistent with the ideas of ethical leadership? | The four characters, Mike, Jan, Mei-Hua and Deshi were portrayed as individuals with starkly differing views on ethical leadership. Mike believesRead MoreAnalysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail1074 Words   |  5 Pagesto consider the ethical implications of large scale racial discrimination through intense imagery, articulate through reasonable rhetoric the philosophy behind civil disobedience and why direct action is the only path to achieve racial equality, and use practical and logical arguments to methodically refute the arguments of the Alabama clergymen who criticized him. Perhaps one of the greatest paragraphs that Martin Luther King Jr. ever put on paper was his outline of the ethical implications ofRead MoreCritical Analysis Of The Iliad1714 Words   |  7 Pagesthe tale. While the poem is well written and grabs the reader’s attention, upon further analysis one can conclude that there is a serious problem concerning the tension between personal desire and rational ethical thinking. Throughout the book this conflict appears time and time again and puts to question exactly how the Greeks viewed ethical behavior. In the Iliad, Homer demonstrates that it is both the mortals and gods that struggle to find balance between the two. This issue goes so far as to beRead MoreEssay on Business: Mission Statement1372 Words   |  6 PagesShop Case Study In this case, how does The Body Shop address the four components of social responsibility? In the Body Shop, what tensions among these components were at work? Legal- the Body Shop avoided animal testing and used all natural ingredients to avoid any lawsuits. They knew the products were safe since people have been using them for years. Ethical- Anitas personal and moral beliefs into her work is that she is against animal testing and made a great effort to make sure her company

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My Family Has A Big Influence On The Language - 1022 Words

Family ties My family has a big influence on the language I use when I am with them, and even when I am not. If I do say so myself my family is rather very funny and we all just have a really great since of humor. A lot of the time we are just joking around or poking fun at one another, in a loving way of course. The relationship I have with my siblings is very important to me that relationship has really helped shape my everyday language. Most of the words or phrase I use in the family setting are from television shows, movies, or just things someone in my house has said before that is now constantly reoccurring. â€Å"Hey Assbutt!!† (â€Å"Swan Song†) My sister and I really love television, and binge watching shows together. I lot of the time we hear things that just really stick with us, and we can not help but incorporate them into our daily lives. â€Å"Hey assbutt† is from the show supernatural, Castel a fallen angel says this to a demon right before he kills him to save Dean Winchester. In the show they make fun of Castel for saying this, which makes it all the more funny. I use this when I am greeting my sister sometimes or in a situation were I need her attention. An example sentence would be something like, â€Å"Hey assbutt get down here!† When I say this in a setting that is not around my sister people usually do not understand, and some even seem offended, so I typically keep this term between my sister and I. â€Å"Then why don’t you sell me and buy a rabbit instead?† (Lilo andShow MoreRelatedPersuasive Essay On Vietnamese Language1298 Words   |  6 PagesVietnamese language, the focus is on the reasons behind why the younger generations of Vietnamese American--particularly 2.0 and up-- are becoming less fluent with their mothers tongue. In our research, we also found possible solutions parents can try to help their children maintain the ability to communicate in Vietnamese. The discussion on retaining Vietnamese language is not just through spoken language, but also the children writing ability. To have a good communication skill within the family realmRead MoreMy Name Is Zulema Ibeth Montes De Oca, I Am Nineteen Years1178 Words   |  5 PagesMy name is Zulema Ibeth Montes de Oca, I am nineteen years old, I was born March 1,1997 in Berkeley, CA. I was Born into a very traditional Mexican Catholic Christian family; I was raised as part of the Mexican ethnic majority. My parents are both from Mexico, my mom is from Nuevo Ideal, Durango more of a cowboy western type of place and my dad is from Armeria, Colima more of the coast side, best known for the beaches and weather. I have not yet found out what their descent is like. I do know myRead MoreEssay on My Idiolect1246 Words   |  5 PagesDuring the span of my life till today, I have experienced many circumstances which has shaped the way I think and my overall personality and morals, these have structured my idiolect in today’s society, there are many influences in my life that have shaped me, such as my family, culture, friends and media (internet or TV) . Although I am immerse by my upbringing and I am greatly influenced by the family, neighbors and friends, I also inculcate my own experiences and actions in life. Such as tryingRead MorePart Iv Issues On Chinese Language Teaching1194 Words   |  5 PagesPart IV Issues on Chinese Language Teaching As a state school situated in a low SES area, Loganlea SHS’s vocational education outperforms its academic education. Its disadvantaged geographic location make it very hard for the school to promote literacy and numeracy development among the majority of vocational students who are with low level of general skills and academic aspirations and lack of motivations. It is likely that subjects with cognitive engagement would not attract students by natureRead MoreLanguage And Its Influence On Texas1297 Words   |  6 PagesSan Jacinto and the Alamo are impacts from the Spanish. When I found out I had to take a foreign language class in high school, I figured Spanish would be the best. I have never even vacationed outside the state of Texas, which leaves me with a lot of Texas culture. However, I still was missing Spanish in both ways knowing the language and its influence on Texas. I now have that part of Texan culture in my life. It’s been helpful in history, communicating with other people who don’t speak very fluentRead MoreCulture And Ethnic Identities Shaped Your Life1068 Words   |  5 PagesPlease number and type out each question, followed by your responses to correspond with each point below: 1. Identify your culture or cultures. My culture is a melting pot of cultures. The main influences comes from the Taino which are native Indian from Puerto Rico, Spain from the Spaniards and Africa. These are the three blends in the Puerto Rican culture. 2. How have your racial and ethnic identities shaped your life? As a Hispanic in Puerto Rico, racial identification is not classifiedRead MoreFamilies Who Relocate Essay1367 Words   |  6 Pagesfrom one culture to another can be quite overwhelming for some families. Being use to one way of living can affect how some families adapt to new cultures or social classes. There are numerous influences on families when they are exposed to different environments. The traditions and beliefs people believe in can be affected by the influences of a new environment. Experiencing a new culture has positive and negative influences on families through their beliefs, lifestyles, and living environmentsRead MoreWinterbourne View Essay : )1630 Words   |  7 PagesAspects and Factors that influence communication P3: Explain factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in health and social care. Body language They say a picture paints a thousand words, and the same can be said for Body language. Body language definitely plays a big role in influencing communication, by observing body language alone it makes it easy for you toidentify whether somebody shows interest or puts value in what you are saying. It also allows you toRead MorePersonal Statement : Who Am I?957 Words   |  4 Pagesmillion different answers to that question. Everybody has their own story. Who do you see when you look in the mirror. For starters, my full name is Sarah Najah Haddawi. I am Arabic, Muslim, Syrian, those are some of my identifiers. My ethnicity and religion are a big part of who I am and they both play a big part in my life. I make a lot of big decisions based on my culture and its traditions. The reason I am the way I am is all because of my beliefs. My mom chose the name â€Å"Sarah† because ever since sheRead MoreExpensive Life Style Of Ghana1577 Words   |  7 Pagestimework to pay my rents a nd provide for myself and help the family, which I left behind in Cameroon, something I never did in Cameroon, my parents paid my fees all through my education. The first time a good friend of mine and myself went into a supermarket to buy some grocery. Everything was so expensive that we decided to return home and second guess what we needed most. As we left the supermarket we grasp a yogurt each. I was hungry and needed some ATP. The container of yogurt was big and I was happy

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Apple and Samsung Sales Management †

Question: Discuss about the Apple and Samsung Sales Management. Answer: Apple and Samsung are two of the market leader companies in the smartphone market. Apple specializes on computers and phones designs and software while Samsung venture is in a variety of electronic products such as phones, refrigerators, washing machines, computers etc. Samsung has introduced ten times as many phones as Apple Company. In the recent past apple has been producing brands that outdo the monopoly that Samsung has been enjoying in the market. Samsung is good in learning from their competitors while apple learns from their customers. Apple Company has more than 400 stores in the world. Samsung has adopted the strategy of partnering with retailers to make their sales. This has seen Samsung make many successive sales in most parts of the world. The Apple Company has been viewed as a leading smartphone technology company. Its crown has been vied by many producers. Apple introduced features that are very useful for customers with small fingers and short hand. Samsung sales have been greatly boosted by the success of the note and galaxy series phones introduced in the market. Though Apple is an American based company and Samsung is a South Korean company, they have recorded high number of sales all over the world. Apple records the highest sales in USA but Samsung records a higher number all over the world Samsung and apple companies have invested heavily in research to develop the most appropriate modern technology. This has been boosted by the partnership with other companies. The two companies have placed the quality of their products in the front line making their product outdo other companies products. These companies are constantly conveying and modifying their product to capture the customer attention in the smartphone market. References Tang, L. C. (2009). U.S. Patent No. D589,375. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Katz, J. E., Aakhus, M. (Eds.). (2002). Perpetual contact: Mobile communication, private talk, public performance. Cambridge University Press.

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Public Policy Problems

Dye (2010 p.4) explains policy analysis as the process of getting to know the activities of governments, why they have to undertake such events, and the difference they realize from the activities. Policy analysis is primarily concerned with an explanation as opposed to the prescription of policy matters.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Public Policy Problems specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It involves a rigorous investigation into the causes of public policies and the associated consequences. Generally, policy analysis includes an effort to come up with and test propositions about events and activities that lead to public policy and the consequences thereof, to collect enough and reliable findings from a research activity of significant relevance (Dye, 2010, p.5). According to Jans (2007) public policy is concerned with the public and the problems it faces, that is, how the issues and problems are desc ribed and constructed, how they fit in the policy and political agenda, how options in policymaking emerge, why governments act or fail to work and the effects of the system. Through policy analysis, it becomes possible to describe, using factual information, what a given government is doing, and what it is not doing. Policy analysis also sets the platform for an inquiry into determinants and causes of particular public policy issues. From the established causes and determinants, the consequences and impacts of public policy can be inquired, including evaluation of the system in a clear and precise way (Dye, 2010, p.6). Policy analysis reveals time and context as the significant determinants of the government agenda; for instance, similar agenda items are likely to be prioritized in states whose welfare levels are identical. Moreover, issues are determined by economic cycles, for example, flexibility in labor terms and increase in efficiency alleviates public crises while the improv ed quality of life and enhanced worker welfare leads to overall growth in the economy (Jans, 2007). Generally, issues that conform to the policy paradigm that is, the leading policy ideas determine the policy that is adopted by the government at a given time. Policy analysis culminates in the understanding of public policy. It is both an art and a craft. As an art, it requires creativity, imagination, and insight in identification and description of problems in the society, in coming up with public policies to alleviate the issues, and in determining whether the systems improve the state of things or not. As a craft, policy analysis requires a broad knowledge base in economics, public administration, political science, psychology, sociology, statistics, engineering, law, natural sciences, and others. Policy analysis is, in fact, an applied subfield that encompasses all the above traditional academic disciplines (Dye, 2010, p.8).Advertising Looking for research paper on governme nt? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For the policymakers to perfect their craft to come up with policies that will improve the society, they need to bring together technocrats from the various fields to work together in the process of policy formulation and implementation. Policymakers from different areas will view the public problems from multiple dimensions hence solve the issues more comprehensively. Participation of technocrats from multiple areas of specialization, therefore, is an effective way of ensuring the craft of policymaking is perfected. Moreover, the policymaking process should be reviewed and scrutinized through public participation and incremental development. Policy analysis has limitations that include subjectivity in interpretation, the possibility of disagreeing over policy problems, defects in the design of human research and the fact that government power on policy is limited and human behavior is complicate d. References Dye, T.R. (2010). Understanding Public Policy (13th Ed.). Longman: Pearson Prentice Hall. Jans, M. T. (2007). A framework for public policy analysis and policy evaluation. Brussels: Vrije University This research paper on Public Policy Problems was written and submitted by user Mathew E. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here. Public Policy Problems Introduction Public policy is a system of laws and regulations that define the state objectives relating to various aspects (CQ Press, 2011). Additionally, public policy issues require high attention and collaborative engagement for both members of the public and state. The government, through the ministry of finance, has a broad responsibility towards ensuring that there is adequate funding to all sectors of the economy.Advertising We will write a custom coursework sample on Public Policy Problems specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The budget should be set such that the most urgent needs of the society are given priority. Issues such as health care, education, and training should be prioritized. Over the years, Mississippi and some parts of the United State have not been experiencing public policy problems. This discussion will focus on public policy problems in Mississippi. This is because Mississippi State is ranked as the poores t state in the United States (Conforti, 1994). The focus will be on some of those public policy problems in Mississippi. Health care issues The evaluation of health care system in Mississippi by Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) revealed that there are some aspects that needed to be prioritised. Priority was given to activities such as disease prevention, healthcare protection, and health promotion. Other policy aspects include health care for a certain population, implementation of a state-wide trauma system, and health care for people with mental illness. The government should not forget to address critical issues such as the enhancement of detection and response to the public health emergencies like the bio-terrorism (Conforti, 1994). The state should improve the economic situation of its people by allocating adequate funds to health care system to address the problems. The U.S. government should further ensure that trauma victims receive adequate attention from the experts. T his can be achieved by allocating sufficient funding to cater for training expenses (Cochran, 2012). Additionally, the federal government should provide Mississippi health care system with modern technological system to provide services to patients. Education and training issues Over the recent years, Mississippi has been experiencing serious problems in the education sector. The problems are due to unequal funding to schools. The public school funding comes from federal state and the local resources. In addition, the problems have escalated since almost half of the funding comes from local property taxes. The system generates large funding disparities between the rich and the poor states (Conforti, 1994). This means that a student schooling in New Jersey is provided more than twice the student schooling in Mississippi. The large disparity in funding translates to poor learning facilities and the inability to hire highly trained teachers. Therefore, this leads to poor performances b y students in underfunded public schools. Poor performances deny students an opportunity to enhance their education. This leads to the unemployment problem and escalated poverty (American Legion, 1937).Advertising Looking for coursework on public administration? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Arguments that support public policy problems have not been addressed Unequal distribution of resources in Mississippi and other parts of the U.S. is a growing matter of concern. For example, according to Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), there are some unmet needs in the health sector that should be addressed (Conforti, 1994). Also, there are high disparities in income and education standards between the rich and poor states. Therefore, adequate policy framework should be adopted to address the issues before they become critical (Peters, 2004). Conclusion The U. S. government should prioritise the allocation of funds on its budget t o the most urgent sectors of the economy. From the above discussion, the U.S. government should promote the economic development of Mississippi by allocating sufficient funds to various sectors. This will ensure that the economy of Mississippi will grow, and the perceived inequality on resource distribution will be addressed comprehensively. References American Legion (1937). The American Legion magazine. Washington, D.C.: American Legion Magazine. Cochran, C.E. (2012). American public policy: An introduction. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Conforti, M. (1994). Minnesota 1900: Art and life on the upper Mississippi, 1890-1915. Newark: University of Delaware Press. CQ Press (2011). Issues for debate in American public policy: Selections from CQ Researcher. Washington, D.C: CQ Press, a division of SAGE. Peters, B.G. (2004). American public policy: Promise and performance. Washington, D.C: CQ Press.Advertising We will write a custom coursework sample on Public Policy Probl ems specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This coursework on Public Policy Problems was written and submitted by user Eli W. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Rural Bank of Suares Essays

Rural Bank of Suares Essays Rural Bank of Suares Essay Rural Bank of Suares Essay Group 2 Rural Bank of Suares Case Synthesis: In a stockholders’ meeting of the Rural Bank of Suares (RBS), Peter Arguelles, the bank general manager, proposed that the bank should open another branch in the capital city. However, the stockholders are reluctant with this motion, given that there are branches of the big banks of Manila and already two rural banks in the city. For more than 20 years, the Rural Bank of Suares struggled financially because of the government’s lending program. Point-of-View: For this case, the point-of-view of the stockholders will be used Statement of the Problem: Should the stockholders follow Peter Arguelles and expand to the capital city or should they not? Areas of consideration: First, the banking industry in the late 1990s can be categorized by three major trends: Deregulation, Technological innovation, and Globalization. These trends combined to induce a consolidation in the industry that knew no borders. The mantra heard in corporate boardrooms and analyst conference calls was â€Å"bigger is better. The rationales for this were largely two-fold. On the operational side, banks believed that only by being larger than the competition could they take full advantage of the economies of scale and economies of scope that the technology revolution was offering. Thus, by getting larger banks could reduce their expense ratios and earn a higher net interest margin. On the marketing side of the business, banks also felt that bigger was better. Deregulatio n in the US and elsewhere had made the buzzwords of relationship banking and cross-selling more than academic musings. To bank executives everywhere, these words represented the keys to winning back some of market share banks had been losing to equity markets and other financial intermediaries. Moreover, buying land and constructing a building for the new branch in the city would be too risky for the company since they are not assured of the success of the said expansion. Furthermore, if the expansion failed, it would be easier for the company to retract since they have no properties to consider. Also the company is not yet financially stable and capable enough to be granted the loan to invest for the properties. The cost of land acquisition, building construction, equipment, and fixtures, which is 10. 5 million Php, is very large compared to its annual net income of only two million Php. Another major point in the analysis of this case is the competition of Rural Bank of Suares which are Manila-based banks the two other rural banks in the capital city. Manila bank branches don’t offer small loans. In that sense, RBS can use this to their advantage and cater to specific the loan market. However, the more pressing problem is that RBS shares this specific target market with other rural banks in the capital city. RBS aims to distinguish itself from competition through better service. On another note, the presence of rural banks in the city signifies that they have a profitable business, which bodes well for RBS planning an expansion. An additional point of consideration is the various types of loans that the Bank of Suares had to offer at the time. We see in Exhibit One that most of their revenue came from agricultural loans, comprising approximately 52% of their total income in 1994, as compared to the 7. 6% and 3% from commercial and industrial loans, respectively. Also from 1994 to 1995, revenue from agricultural loans increased by 4,391,810. 96 Php; it is the one that experienced the highest gain out of all the income generating items, and the only one that actually gained income compared to the other two loans. Revenue from commercial and agricultural loans decreased by 69,026. 10 Php and 50,099. 0 Php respectively during the same time period. Alternative courses of action: One option is to expand the bank within the business centre of the city, but to rent instead, therefore without land acquisition and building construction. This provides the flexibility of exit if the expansion fails. RBS could rent until the stockholders feel that their position in the market is already stable. Another option is to expand the bank with in the city, but to wait until the bank is already financially stable. This is also a safe plan, because the bank has just had its first taste of a good year’s profit. They could wait until they’ve gained more capital. While waiting, they can start devising a plan of expansion. Lastly, there is an option not to expand in the urban areas, but focus on the market in Suares. However, according to Peter Arguelles, the market limit in Suares has been reached already. Decision: We recommend that the stockholders postpone their expansion until the bank becomes more financially stable. In the time they use while waiting, RBS should start drafting their plans of expansion to the capital city. This is considerably safe to business and yet, also progressive.

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Health and Health Behaviour Workbook Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Health and Health Behaviour Workbook - Essay Example Ethnicity, to a large extent is related to the genetic makeup of individuals. Individuals having identical ethnic origins are likely to possess similar genetic codes and it is for this reason that the pattern of disease in an ethnically similar population is characteristic of that ethnicity. Genetic information to a large extent determines the susceptibility of an ethnic group to certain diseases. The underlying mechanism may relate to over or under-production of certain factors (e.g. proteins or antibodies), absence of formation of certain chemical mediators, defects in immunity resulting in heightened vulnerability to certain infectious agents or anatomical differences arising due to genetic differences. Age is perhaps one of the most well-known factors that influence an individual’s health. Newborns with a naà ¯ve immune system are more prone to infectious disease. As the age advances, the various systems of the body start to function in an improved manner due to continuous development and exposure to external environment. Individuals of young age are less prone to the development of disease; however this is not a rule and it is likely that individuals develop certain conditions which are characteristic of young age, e.g. Acne is more common in the young age than at the extremes of ages. In the terminal part of the age, the waning function of the various systems of the body, render the individuals more prone to the development of disease. Gender has profound impact on the development or aggravation of disease. This complex effect is compounded by genetic factors, ultimately resulting in development of disease due to a complex interplay of the various factors that may include hormonal factors, immune status, dietary factors, ethnicity and various others. Physiological differences are closely related to genetic differences; for this reason the range of diseases that occur due to physiological difference are often closely related to